Welcome to the website of Councilman Pete Draganic, Ward 4, Seven Hills, Ohio.

For the past two years I have been elected by my fellow council members as Council President, Pro Tem.

I also serve as the chairman of the Safety Committee, overseeing the Seven Hills Police and Fire departments.

I hope my site is useful and informative. Feel free to call me if you ever need assistance or wish to discuss city business. My home number is 216-328-1351. You can also send me an email by following the contact link above.

State of the City...

No city has been immune from the effects of the current economy. These economic times certainly create a number of difficulties for Seven Hills but rest assured that I am working hard with the rest of council to find and implement solutions while maintaining services and the quality of life expected in our fine city.

Be careful as you read the campaign literature you receive from new (and some old) faces in our city's politics. They are misreporting facts and skewing numbers to paint a picture that is not accurate, all in their attempts to gain office but without regard for the good of the city.

Here are some facts about our progress and current situation:

  • Since I took office, I have worked with my colleagues to reduce our budget by more than a million dollars from roughly 10.5 million in 2007 to 7.2 million in 2013. Seven Hills has always had a very modest operating budget for a city of our size and therefore, reductions have taken a great amount of work and sacrifice. City departments are operating with less support personnel and we have reduced our service department by nearly half through buyouts. We have had some success in negotiating union contracts and thanks to Mayor Dell'Aquila, have improved recreation center operations and found new sources of revenue that have not involved an increase of resident taxes.
  • I, on request of council and in cooperation with the Mayor, personally negotiated with the city's trash contractor for a $146,000.00 savings.
  • The city continues to improve infrastructure such as sewers and roadways with many of these projects visible throughout Seven Hills. For these projects we have been able to obtain millions of dollars of funding through grants and arrangements with state and county governments.
  • Many people do not realize that the Seven Hills collects very little of it's revenue from property taxes. Only about 12 cents of every property tax dollar comes back to our city. Income taxes are the primary source of revenue for our city.

Aside from the difficulties of the economy, additional challenges arise from increased costs of products and services that are necessary for the city's operation, such as increased insurance costs, unfunded and costly EPA mandates and increased costs of trash collection and other contractual services. Furthermore, we are anticipating cuts from state and other funding but I and the rest of your city officials are dedicated to representing your interests in all of these matters while maintaining quality services and fiscal responsibility.

A little more about me...

My wife Lisa and I have three wonderful children, Eddie 22, Brittany 20 and Petey 17. I am most proud and fulfilled by our incredible closeness and the love that we share. I am also very proud to say that our family is one that understands the value of loyalty and service to our community. Our commitment to causes greater than us is long-standing and ongoing.

We bought our home here in Seven Hills in 1999. Seven Hills is an excellent community of great people. We can't think of a better place to have raised our family. I will continue to do my part in making our community the best that it can be.

I have been a small business owner for the past 20+ years primarily in the construction industry, serving national commercial clients.

I am also an inventor and patent holder for a fluid control device which we manufacture 100% in the USA and distribute throughout the world.

Thank You...

I sincerely want to thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and to help me serve you better through your comments and suggestions. If you support the job I am doing, contributions to my campaign can be made payable to:

Friends of Pete Draganic
2867 E. Pleasant Valley Rd.
Seven Hills, Ohio 44131.

I appreciate your support.

Councilman Pete Draganic, Ward 4, Seven Hills, OH

Draganic Family in Key West this summer
at the southernmost point in the USA.

Each election I include a family picture. Itís
amazing how the kids have grown since I
first took office and especially since we first
moved to Seven Hills in 1999. Our oldest
two (Eddie 22 and Britttany 20 )are full-time
students at CSU and our youngest (Petey 17)
is in his junior year at Normandy where he
plays hockey. Every year we try to visit some-
place unique as a family. This was our longest
trip ever. Family and community have always
been very important to me and my wife Lisa.

Information You Can Use

Councilman Pete Draganic
2867 E. Pleasant Valley Rd.
Seven Hills, Ohio 44131

ph: 216-328-1351
fx: 216-642-0700

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